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What Is A Bitcoin?

Why Bitcoin?

The Future & Bigger Picture

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How Do I Get Some Bitcoin, So I Can Get Started?

 Step 1: Set up a free Coinbase account Click Here

 Step 2: After you have gone through the identity verification process and card verification process, click Buy/Sell at the top left and buy Ƀ0.055 with your credit card or debit card. Note, you may need to verify your card by calling them to confirm two of the most recent transactions. This entire process takes about 10 minutes.

Step 3: Go create a free wallet at With this wallet your bitcoins will be totally secure until you need them. Click Here

Step 4: Once your account is verified at Blockchain, login and click Receive. This will bring up a very long string of letters and numbers. This is your address where you can receive bitcoins to your secure Blockchain Wallet. Click on and copy this address

Step 5: Log back in to your Coinbase account and click "Send/Request" then paste the address of your Blockchain wallet (long chain of letters and numbers) into the Recipient box. Send your bitcoins from Coinbase to your Blockchain wallet. They should show up at Blockchain within a minute or two.

Step 6: Go back over to Blockchain, you should see your transaction show up within a minute or two, and it will confirm usually within 10 minutes.

Now Go Get At Least Ƀ0.055 To Start.


Q: Why do we go through 2 different wallets? A: We've found BlockChain to be the best wallet for online transactions, providing high security anonymity and freedom. However, they do not offer a way to "get into bitcoin with regular dollars". You are welcome to use any wallet you wish, but we highly recommend BlockChain for any of your online transactions for sending Bitcoin.

Q: Why do I need to get Ƀ0.055? A: There are transaction fees when you send BTC - these fees are TINY when compared to other methods of exchanging currency online, but they still exist. You just need a little extra to offset your first couple transactions you're going to make.

Q: Can I do it without a credit card? A: Yes, but it will cost a bit more. We found an amazing service that let's you buy Bitcoin with Gift Cards, Western Union, ApplePay, PayPal, Bank Wire, or depending on where you live - with cash! Click Here

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