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Activating Your "Fund My Cause" Account:

 Step 1: Click Here to go to Fund My Cause, then click on the Start Now button.

Step 2: Complete the Registration form.

Step 3: After you fill out the form, click the Log In link on the next page.

Step 4: After you log in for the first time you need to start by setting up your wallet. Click the Add Your Bitcoin Wallet button to continue.

Step 4b: Click The Add Your Wallet button on the next page

Step 4c: Now complete the form on the next page with your Wallet Website (we highly recommend, your Wallet Address, and the answer to your secret Question, then hit Submit.

Step 4d: Return To The Dashboard

Step 5: Now click the Upgrade To Next Stage button.

Step 5a: Read The Instructions. Then copy the Wallet Address of the member you're going to send payment to.

Step 5b: Click Here to log into your BlockChain wallet. Then click on the Send Button.

Step 5c: Complete the form by entering the To Address you copied from step 5b, and Send Ƀ0.05, Then the Next Step button

Step 5d: Complete the payment by clicking the. Send button.

Step 5e: Go to the Transactions page.

Step 5f: Find the transaction you just did, then click on the Sent link.

Step 5g: Click on the Little Blue Square inside the transaction.


Step 5h: Copy the Transaction Hash ID - make sure you don't have any extra spaces.

Step 5i: Paste the Transaction Hash ID and the Exact Amount Sent (0.05), and finally click the Submit button.

Now you have all the parts required to start getting bitcoins, it's time to actually join Fund My Cause!

Click Here To Join FMC

After joining, You can find your FMC Referral link by going to the 'referrals' page inside the FMC members area, simply copy and paste that link in the form below!

You Are Now Ready To Begin Promoting This System!

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